Stake HTC & Claim Rewards

1. Currently under development.

2. You can initiate the wallet connection by clicking on the wallet button located at the top right corner of the website.

3. In the HTC Locked Staking section, click the "Approve" button for the initial setup, and then press the "Confirm Transaction" button.

4. After confirming the HTC LOCK period, click the deposit button ① at your desired duration. Verify your HTC balance and input the amount of HTC you wish to deposit. Clicking the deposit button ② will complete the process.

  • Even after the lockup period ends, rewards are distributed after each round until you click the "Unlock" button.

  • Withdrawal: When you click the "Unlock" button, the withdrawal waiting round begins, and HTC rewards are automatically received. The deposited HTC can be withdrawn after the withdrawal waiting round ends, and no interest is added during this period.

  • Once the withdrawal waiting round is completed, the "Withdraw" button becomes active, and you can proceed with the withdrawal.

  • Reward Lockup: When you deposit in round N, the rewards will be locked up until round N+2. The same applies when you make a re-deposit.

  1. Rewards are distributed every round. Receiving rewards does not affect the lockup period, and you can receive HTC rewards by clicking the "Claim Rewards" button.

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