Connect Wallet

Connect MetaMask

Initially, we are exclusively supporting MetaMask Wallet. However, we plan to gradually expand our support to include other wallets in the future.

You can connect your MetaMask wallet either in-game or through the "My Page / Accounts / Connect Accounts" menu.

1. After installing the MetaMask app or extension, create a wallet.

2. When you visit the HeartCoin Protocol website, clicking the [Connect] button at the bottom will redirect you to the MetaMask app.

3. In the MetaMask app, after accessing the HeartCoin Protocol website and clicking the menu bar in the top right corner of the screen, click on "Connect MetaMask Wallet."

4. Afterward, in the popup window, click on the "Connect to Site" and "Add Network" buttons to complete the connection.

5. Once the connection is complete, click on the top right bar, then click on your wallet address to access the "My Wallet" screen.

6. On this screen, you can add tokens to your wallet by clicking on the wallet icon next to the token. If you encounter any errors during this process, you can try logging out of MetaMask and then logging back in before attempting again.

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