HTC Tokenomics

Governance and Utility Token

A single token is used as a key currency and utility within the GameFi system.

This token unifies all features and functions within the Heart Game Universe, including risk management.

You can utilize HTC for NFT upgrades and our in-game Piggy Bank system. We ensure stability through a continuous unlock and burn mechanism.

When you make a purchase (Paid Offer) on the Web Shop, 30% of the amount (in USDT or equivalent) goes into the Liquidity Pool. Additionally, 10% of the HTC from the Piggy Bank is added to the P2E Package Pool, helping to balance supply and demand.

This process, as illustrated in the flowchart below, contributes to generating profits within the game. Depending on the NFTs you own, you can swap Game Credits for HTC in-game.

P2E Packages are gradually added to the reward pool in response to player demand, thereby making the Play-to-Earn (P2E) system a reality.

We distribute HTC rewards based on the deposit duration in our Staking program.

This follows a business model designed to control revenue generation for early-game users.

Gameplay users can instantly collect Unlocked Tokens, and when an NFT Upgrade is performed, the NFT is burned, and HTC is promptly unlocked.

To enhance our token burn and unlock system, a significant portion of HTC is initially locked and vested sequentially over time, following the Cliff time. This is designed to provide users with a more rewarding experience.

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