Add Liquidity

When you visit the Uniswap website and click on the "Pool" menu at the top, you can view a list of pools where you can provide liquidity. Using the token name and symbol search bar [USDT-HTC] , [MATIC-HTC], [ARB-HTC] in the search for the pool, you can easily find it. You can access the deposit page through the link below.

  • [MATIC-HTC] Liquidity Pool

  • [USDT-HTC] Liquidity Pool

  • [ARB-HTC]

Precautions when depositing in liquidity pools

1. Set up the network(Polygon, Arbitrum) in the upper right corner. 2. Choose a HeartCoin token(HTC) as the first token of the Pair. 3. Select the second token of the Pair. 4. Select fee tier(0.3% or 1%). 4. Set the price range for the Pair or continue with the default. 4. Finish by pressing "Connect Wallet".

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