NFT(Non-Fungible Token)

NFT cards, a central component of the Heart Games Universe, were designed with the intent of extensive use by users in games and as collateral for sale, rental, or loans.

Registered sales are available on our own Marketplace and Opensea:

NFT Features

  • A must-have for swapping Game Credits to HTC

  • NFT card collection system (card book provided in-game)

  • NFTs can be used as a user's profile avatar

  • Additional bonuses in Big Win/Weekly Like Challenge

  • Daily extra bonuses based on NFT level

  • Coinshop discount

  • In-Game Piggy Bank Extra Bonus

  • New slots and bingo Game Play added every other week

  • Game money rewards when leveling up, according to NFT level

  • Free Daily "Lotto" lottery tickets

  • Additional benefits in the VIP room

  • NFT Staking (Game Credits are awarded in the Kitty Bonus based on the NFT level)

  • Ability to create a second NFT or rent NFTs with profit-sharing (scholarship system, TBD)

NFT Minting

NFT Minting is determined by combining various attributes, including Background, Body, Clothes, Eyes, Nose, and Mouth. There are reference values for each attribute, divided into six categories, with a total of 220,000 possible combinations.

The background image determines the NFT's level. Level 1 NFTs are available for free minting, including gas fees. To upgrade an NFT, you'll need HTC and gas fees.

NFT Upgrade

There are 6 levels of NFTs, and the base currency for upgrades is HTC.

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