About HeartCoin(HTC)

HTC creates an NFT-oriented 'Play to Earn (P2E)' world.

HTC is a GameFi based on multichain network.

HTC proposes a new P2E model by adopting DeFi monetization with a focus on NFTs.

HTC is focused on utilizing tokens through NFTs and implementing P2E (Play to Earn) mechanics, which enable users to earn profits through gameplay.

For example, in the case of some games, tokens are owned and used within the game ecosystem. These tokens serve various purposes and are issued in different ways. Players can acquire these tokens by purchasing required NFT characters, winning battles, or completing in-game quests. This creates an ecosystem where users can obtain their tokens and achieve monetization through token exchange. However, challenges like high entry barriers and potential token inflation have emerged as issues in these systems. Despite various safeguards (such as Buyback/Bond mechanisms), preliminary research has shown that as token circulation increases, holders may tend to engage in "panic selling" of their stakes.

HTC takes a different approach to tokenomics. Its supply is regulated based on demand, and when HTC is used to upgrade NFTs, the previous NFT is burned. This rule serves as the foundation of the Heart Games Universe GameFi, enabling any game to be launched through the HTC Token Protocol. Unlike simple gambling structures where players win or lose tokens based on outcomes, this system is designed to keep the value of HTC and NFTs systematically stable. It's a structure that allows users to earn rewards through gameplay.

HTC 's primary focus is on NFTs, and it employs a "Continuous Unlock and Burn" model at the core of its Play-to-Earn (P2E) concept. In contrast to the rapid price increases seen in certain games, HTC aims for a more balanced approach. The goal is to prevent overly rapid price escalation, which can make it difficult for the general public to participate, and to mitigate negative effects on monetization caused by token devaluation. In essence, HTC seeks to avoid the pitfalls of dual-coin systems that can amplify risk rather than creating synergy.

To address these challenges, we've developed games with low entry barriers, allowing anyone who's interested to enjoy free play within a single HTC ecosystem. Drawing from the success of two Facebook games with a combined user base of 10 million, we've identified service stability and user profitability as our top priorities.

Our strategy involves leveraging social features that naturally attract users through the long-term development of Social Network Games (SNGs) and a commitment to continually refreshing game content every two weeks, enhancing user retention.

At HeartGames.io, we ensure the token's value by carefully managing its circulation in the market and employing an 'Unlock & Burn' system. We prioritize user trust and algorithm stability above all else, positioning HTC as your trusted guide in the evolving P2E market.

To acquire HTC in the game, you'll require Game Credits and NFTs.

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