How to Mint NFT in Game?

  1. Go to the NFT menu in-game, you will be asked to log in with your MetaMask account.

  2. Choose one of 4 NFT types: MAN, WOMAN, MONKEY, CAT.

  3. Each NFT consists of 6 parts you choose. Configure the NFT parts the way you like them the best by scrolling between available parts.

NFT parts can be obtained in-game:

For Bingo: randomly in Treasure Chests, as a reward for 1,2,3 place in multiplayer games and as part of other events and promotions.

For Slots: as a part of Tourney rewards.

Please note, once minted you can not change the parts.

Press the "MINT" button. You will get a loading sign followed by a "Successful" message. After that, you will be redirected to the "MY NFT" tab.

NFT currently used as profile picture will be marked as "EQUIPPED". You can switch between NFTs at any time by pressing the "PROFILE" button.

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