HTC Architecture

HTC aims to create an interconnected Heart Games Universe ecosystem where DeFi, GameFi, P2E, and the community work seamlessly together. In this ecosystem, the NFTs and the HTC token are carefully balanced based on supply and demand, fostering a virtuous cycle of growth.

Our strategy centers on the exclusive use of HTC tokens, the primary currency of our Social Casino GameFi, with a strong emphasis on NFTs. This approach allows us to expand our ecosystem, ensuring its stability and enhancing user profitability.

We are currently developing a continuous burn algorithm for our two proprietary games, Heart Slots and Bingo Hearts. In the future, we plan to expand our portfolio to include a greater variety of social casino games, all based on using HTC and Heart Games NFTs.

HTC introduces a novel value proposition for P2E, offering a new future for players.

Additionally, we're establishing a liquidity pool through initial NFT sales, enabling easy swaps on DEXs like Uniswap.

Our NFTs, issued by HTC, serve not only as in-game assets but also as profile pictures on various social media platforms, including Facebook. They play a vital role in the DeFi ecosystem, facilitating a range of services.

NFT (Non-Fungible Token)

NFTs play a vital role within the GameFi ecosystem. Users have the option to mint NFTs for free, and owning these NFTs provides the opportunity to earn additional in-game currency while playing the game.

It offers various DeFi functionalities, including access to GameFi, profile picture customization, staking, and the ability to use HTC for NFT upgrades/enchantment.

We will enable user-to-user transactions through our own marketplace and OpenSea.

We intend to implement a system that enables users to earn income by renting out their high-quality NFTs through our NFT Rental service, offering multiple revenue-generating opportunities.

P2E (Play to Earn)

Our social casino games are enjoyable recreational games that combines the best of casino and online gaming.

Our goal is to provide players with a Free2Play gaming experience, allowing them to enjoy the game for free. As you play, you can collect profile parts to create an NFT of your choice, which can be used as a profile picture. Additionally, this NFT enables you to earn HTC.

Since it's a betting game, there's an opportunity to win quickly.

We've established a game economy that allows game items, including in-game currency, to be swapped for HTC, and NFTs can be traded and reused.

The Heart Games Universe fosters a true Play and Earn system by reinvesting the Game Credits earned within the game back into the gameplay.

Defi DEX (Decentralized Exchange)

*This system is under development. Coming soon! *

Within the HTC GameFi ecosystem, coins or tokens can be seamlessly swapped in and out through multichain expansion.

  • Locked Staking: We offer the option for single deposits with flexible lock-in periods, allowing you to earn interest in the form of HTC.

  • Liquidity Pools: We have established HTC's Liquidity Pools on UniSwap, paired with USDT, ETH, and other Coins for deposit.

In the future, we have plans to develop our own staking system, which will feature an interest-boosting function, ensuring additional rewards for participants.

Additionally, we are considering the introduction of an NFT Loan service, allowing you to use your NFTs as collateral for loans.

* Currently, our NFT system allows users to receive game credits as rewards, even when they are offline. *

In-Game Shop

  • You can swap your Game Credits for HTC through the In-Game Shop.

  • In this case, you will need NFTs, Hearts (Slots) or Crowns (Bingo), and the maximum amount of Game Credits you can swap to HTC depends on the level of your NFT.

Community DAO

We're commencing our journey with two games, Heart Slots and Bingo Hearts, and our vision is to introduce a diverse range of P2E-based Social Casino games in the future. As part of our expansion plan, we aim to grow the Heart Games Ecosystem by collaborating with game companies, offering trading opportunities through our Marketplace and API.

Leveraging a variety of game communities, including our existing Facebook app pages, we intend to efficiently attract and engage a larger user base while also establishing valuable partnerships.

Community channels such as Discord, Twitter, Telegram and others will be used.

We're forging a new business model through strategic collaborations with other game companies. Our initial focus is on expanding our user base by reducing entry barriers in existing social casino games through cross-marketing and various marketing channels.

Furthermore, we aim to establish transparent and independent operations for HTC GameFi through governance functions, including voting and collecting opinions. This approach ensures that our organization operates autonomously, free from external interventions.

Chain Expansion

We plan to secure a position as a global-based service through cross-chain expansion with help of Bridge technology. We plan to develop into an evolving ecosystem by linking DeFi, DEX, Game, and Marketplace with a focus on NFT.

To start, we implemented Polygon, Arbitrum Network and Binance Smart Chain to enable the purchase of Game Credits.

The next step is to add the networks that users desire.

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