HeartCoin(HTC) Tokenomics

Governance and Utility Token
A single token is used as a key currency and utility within GameFi.
By uniting all features in the secure single coin it can be used in Heart Game Universe as risk management.
$HTC is mainly used for NFT's Upgrade and Piggy Bank, and guarantees stability with Continuous Unlock & Burn.
When making a purchase (Paid Offer) on the Web Shop, 30% of the amount (in USDT or equivalent) is allocated to the Liquidity Pool. Additionally, 10% of the $HTC from Piggy Bank is sent to the P2E Package Pool, contributing to balancing supply and demand.
As shown in the flowchart below, it plays a role in making a profit through the game. Depending on owned NFT, you can swap Game Credits for $HTC in-game.
Simple Tokenomics
Play-to-Earn (P2E) Package is added gradually into Pool reward according to demand, thereby realizing P2E.
We distribute $HTC as Rewards according to the deposit by period of Staking.
It is based on a business model that can limit the revenue generation for early game users.
Gameplay users can immediately collect Unlocked Tokens, and when NFT Upgrade is performed, NFT is burned and $HTC is immediately unlocked.
According to our plan, most of the other $HTCs are initially locked and vested sequentially according to the Cliff time to maintain the price.